Friday, July 31, 2015

Fragrance List And Flavor Oils Available Updated 5/2016

Scent Options Currently Available-

Essential Oils
1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

3. LeLavendMint (Lemon, Lavender and Mint) Essential Oil

4. Orange Essential Oil

*5. Lemon Essential Oil

6. Lavender Essential Oil

8. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

9. Ginger Root (Super Spicey)

Natural Oils
10. Grapefruit and Mango Natural oil ( Tropical Mango)

11. Honey Dew Natural oil

*12. Lavender and Rosemary Natural oil

13. Pomegranate Natural oil


15. Orange

19. Creamy Coconut

20. Coconut and Kiwi Fruit

21. Bartlett Pear

Spices and Alcohol

23. Bay Rum

Pastries and Candy

29. Cotton Candy

Clean and Spa Scents
30. Tropical White Ginger

31. Yang and Ginger

32. Coconut Lime Verbena

33. NamaStay- Green Tea and Mint

Inspired by and Types
34. Secret Crush Type (VS Inspired) - Frozen Pear, Peony and Peach Blossom

35. Love Spell Type (VS Inspired)- Peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine

*36. Purely Seductive (VS Inspired) -Melon, plum and freesia

*37. Poppy By Coach Type- Bright Cucumber, Juicy Mandarin and Fresia bud top notes, Jasmine, Pink Water Lily, Southern Gardenia, Red Candied Rose Petals and Crème Brûlée Accord. Base Note is a mixture of Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, vanilla and Marshmallow.


40. New Zealand Springs Type (Dawn) ( Smells Kiwi Clean to me!)

41. Candy Apple Caramel Type - Apple and Pear Top notes with Marshmallow and blends of Jasmine Blossom and Violet and lily wrapped in green freshness. Base notes incorporate creamy caramel, soft vanilla and cream.

42. Cucumber Melon (BBW Type)- Cucumbers and Melons

43. Wild Poppy (BBW Type) - Poppy, Juicy Peach and Sparkling Lemon

44. Bali Mango (BBW Type) - Juicy Mango, Sugar Cane, pink Passionflower and Luscious Nectarine.

45. Carribean Escape (BBW Type)- Fresh Pineapple, Casaba Melon and Creamy Coconut.

46. Brown Sugar and Fig ( BBW Type)- Top notes of Fresh Fig, Passion Fruit, and white peach, mid notes of warm coconut milk, vanilla orchid, sheer Jasmine and Yellow Freesia, dry notes of Caramelized Brown Sugar, Fig leaves, maple, vanilla bean and Musk.

Specialty Scents

47. Sea Siren- Sparkling mandarin, juicy melon and a hint of apple, pineapple, coconut, violet and jasmine and driftwood, sprinkled sugar and white musk. (Not Sweet)

48. Bombay Summer- Patchouli, Sandlewood, Clove,Tropical Ginger and Dragon's Blood.

49. Pina Colada- Creamy Coconut, Pineapple, Casaba Melon, Bay Rum and a splash of vanilla.

50. Dragon's Blood- Orange, Grape, Clove, and rose with a woody patchouli base

Fall/Winter Scents





55. Christmas Wish- Orange, pine and creamy vanilla.


56. Roses

57. Gardenia and Jasmine

58. Plumeria

59. Custom Scent- Choose up to 3 scents

Some Faves are:

Jasmine and Gardenia with Orange essential Oil

Coconut Lime Verbena, Tropical White Ginger and Lemongrass essential oil ( Smells super clean)

Brown Sugar and Fig and Strawberries

*Personal Favorites!!!

5/12/16 ***I apologize for this but I will eventually edit the page, for now, instead of waiting until that day, here are the new scents available!
  • Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil 
  • Cinnamon Roll Fragrance Oil 
  • Tahiti Sweetie Fragrance Oil 
  • Jasmine Frangapani Fragrance Oil 
  • Blueberry Tea Fragrance Oil 
  •  Coconut Passion (Version of Victoria Secret) Fragrance Oil 
  •  Big Island Bamboo (our version of BBW) Fragrance Oil 
  • Blue Hawaii Fragrance Oil 
  • Calla Lily (our version of) Fragrance Oil 
  • Earth's Element Fragrance Oil 
  •  Macaroon Fragrance Oil 
  •  Pear Glace (our version of Victoria Secret) Fragrance Oil 
  • Awapuhi Seaberry PF Fragrance Oil 
  • Blue Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil 
  •  Candy Concoction Fragrance Oil 
  • Dr Pepper Fragrance Oil 
  • Fresh Blackberry Fragrance Oil 
  • Ginger & Lime (Our version of Yankee Candle) Fragrance Oil 
  • Honeymoon in Hawaii Fragrance Oil 
  • Island Hibiscus Fragrance Oil Mediterranean Fragrance Oil 
  • Rainbow's End (our version of Yankee Candle) Fragrance Oil 
  • Spring Has Sprung Fragrance Oil 
  • Caramel Apple Fragrance Oil 
  • Romantic Wish Fragrance Oil
  • Apple Fresh Green Fragrance Oil 
  • Paradise Fantasy (our version of) Fragrance Oil
  • Cranberry Spice Fragrance Oil
  • Cinnamon Orange Clove (all natural) Fragrance Oil 
  • Wild Orchid and White Tea Fragrance Oil 
  • Gorgeous Gardenia (our version of) Gucci Fragrance Oil 
  • Pink Hibiscus II (our version of) Fragrance Oil 
  • Riesling Fragrance Oil 
  • Spiced Caramel Pear Fragrance Oil 

Flavor Oils

1. Guava

2. Vanilla

3. Pinapple

4. Monkey Farts

5. Tropical Paradise

2014: IAMCCC's First year

Here is a look back at 2014 from my Facebook Business page-

"I make Custom Crafted Cosmetics and Lacquers that promote different causes and issues that are near and dear to me with 25% of your purchase price going to fund that months cause. My, goes into details about the causes and the collections. A little about me_ I am a German Major, I have taught recreational dance to children since 2007. I never thought that I would try owning my business, let a lone make my own custom cosmetics. I am very excited for what the year 2014 has in store and I hope you enjoy the journey with me!
January-BlackFish Collection
February-The Veil and FGM awareness.
March-Torn in War- Civil was orphans
April-Gaia Love- Preservation, conservation and protecting sustainable resources
May-Caste Shadow-Caste System and Female Gendercide
June-NO MORE CHILD BRIDES- as it says
July-Where's Tibet?!?- China has taken over Tibet in a mass cultural Genocide while being backed by the US Government...
August- It's getting hot in Heeeere- Global warming
September- DIRRRTY!- Pollution and trash
October- What's Medicine?- Doctors without borders
November- What's Full? Child Hunger and Unicef
December-First World Ignorance- Clean water and well building for rural peoples

Feel free to contact me about products or services and any Sacramento CA area Nail Meetups!!! Oh ya, and sharing is caring! The more I get to sell the more I get to donate for you to these causes!!! XOXO, Ashes
Rebel4ACause- July, Auguest and September- 15 products, 6 polish, 6 eye pigmets, 1 cream highlighter and 2 lippies

Set to Presale on Saturday-June 21st, summer Soltice

Invader Zim-Let the Nightmare Begin Part 2- 6 x polish

Presale-Saturday Septemeber 6th

Rebel4ACause- October, Novemeber and December- 15 products, 6 polish, 6 eye pigmets, 1 blush and 2 lippies

Presale- Saturday October 4th

Tentative Collab with Daily Hues Nail Lacquer of a Fraggle Rock Theme maybe 18th of October?

GlitterSpitter Debuts- Fall 2014 October/Novemeber

Around New Years 2015 was considering the Ren and Stimpy collection

Spring 2015 GlitterSpitter (IG@Glitterordie) Futurama Collab"

Some of these collabs didn't happen and others did in mysterious ways! A lot has changed for 2015 and I sadly just have not found the time to continue updating this blog, I have a full time day job as well as being a single workforce behind IAMCCC and you know, life, lol. So, ya...