Saturday, November 29, 2014

Collaborations and New Store!

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and shopping adventures. I got a new marketplace and my very own URL! You all can now just type into google and be directed to my new store! I am still working on it but I just am super excited to be able to say it, I AM Custom Color dot com. Anyway, I hope to be completely moved over to the new website by the end of the year. Storenvy is just no longer my friend. They were great 'til they changed things.
     I have two collaborations this seasons! I am sooo excited for them both! Holiday themes with some awesome indies and friends. I have one with a new indie and our dear kiwi friend Liz. We named our collab 3Llamas, 1Elephant. It is a tribute to The Nightmare before Xmas. I contributed a Lock, Shock and Barrel purple grelly. It has glitters in colors and shapes reminiscent of the characters. Those three little sandy claws thieves.

Oogie Boogie

Sandy Claws

The second collaboration I did this season was Winter Solstice with Native Warpaints and Lou_It_Yourself. I contributed a lotion bar with white and blue shimmers, ginger snap scented and a deep royal navy blue with red micro flakes and shimmer in it called Polar Solstice.

Shortest Days

Winter Skies

I have also created a couple holiday polishes as well. I wasn't going to but they came out so well! Sorry for my bad pics, when I get better ones so will you!
Holo-Daze glitter topper

Just today, I decided this needed a new years polish too. Eve of 2015.

Used on the pinky over blue.

Bottle Macro

Well, that's all the News I have for you for now. Stay tuned for more soon as well as keeping up with the different social media sites and their exclusive offers.