Monday, September 8, 2014

INVADER ZIM "Let the Nightmare Begin" Part 2 Releasing 9/15/2014

Hello My Custom Colorists!
You have been so amazing throughout this process and I am finally starting to feel like this is it! This will be my collection release, the cause collections set to release next month will also be the best releases ever~ I know it! I have already ran out of stock of the batches I made, just in swatcher sales. Which is a big deal for me. I also know I must be doing something right because I had an extreme anonymous hater come onto my IG and rant and rave, which to me just showcases jealousy. LOL. I truly have not had better sales and for you all I am thankful for that. So, THANK YOU! Every single purchase makes this little market continue everyday and I cannot express how overjoyed I am that I am able to do what I love and that you all help me get there and also love what I do for you! Again, THANK YOU!

We have NEW bottles and NEW labels thanks to an insanely talented and wonderful soul and friend, Lou P. of Lou_It_Yourself Nail vinyls, she has helped take the look of this brand to entirely unique and awesome new level, I just can't even! THANK YOU LOUBOO! Click her link and check her out, support her store and the awesomness she does, I cannot even tell you how much I love what she does and know you will love her amazingly generous soul and work!


Lou Made the collection some Irken Vinyls!!!

I promised you a part two to the Invader Zim collection, it must be mentioned that I am in no way affiliated with Nickelodeon cartoons, Jhonen Vasquez or the Invader Zim franchise, just an extreme fan giving homage the best way I know how! Whew, ok, done.

In this part two collection we have 5 amazing polishes and the holographic top coat is still available as well. I have decided to not offer minis this time around, they are just not cost effective.

First we have: TAK: Hideous New Girl

This episode was hilarious, our first real intro to a girl invader and one that makes Zim truly look like the bumbling amateur he is.
Tak in her alien form

Zim meets Tak for the first time

Tak and her SIR Robot Mimi
(I do not own these images, they were gathered from and
Bottle Shot
Outside shade

Inside Light box

Lightbox (Swatcher credit goes to Morgan)

Next we have: Rise of Zit Boy-

This is by far my favorite episode ever (Click to watch). It is absolutely disgusting and yet so hilarious I die every time. It has several of my favorite quotables as well as some of the best GIR action around. The color was intially intended to be much more dark, almost a forest tone with more shift, however I feel that the shade it became fits Pustulio better as well as the actual theme of the show!

Intro Scene                Bottle shot

Direct sunlight with bottle

Direct Sunlight

Natural light with bottle

Third we have- Filthy Stink Children

This is a line from Rise of the Zitboy episode, it is the term Zim calls his fellow classmates, or human children. Like me, I think Zim is a germaphobe. 

Bottle shot

Flash Swatcher is Marysa

Fourth we have -Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars

This name cracked me up, the episode was funny as well, I guess I can say that about the entire series, lol. But I know we all know those backseat drivers, this teal shifty holo is for you!
This is a two part episode (Click for part one) (Click for Part two)

Fifth we have- Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery

This episode helps illuminate Dib's paranormal hunting. (Click to watch) It is the tv show that Dib and his sister Gaz faithfully watch in the series. I knew I wanted to make this a black holo polish. It hs several micron sizes of holo in it allowing for it to be much more opaque black, linear rainbow holo with out the greying effect common in a lot of "black" holo polishes. This is a true beauty!

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