Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rebel 4 A Cause: May 2014 Caste Shadow Collection/inspiration

Hello Loves,
Onward and upward and that means another inspiration post. As I am sure you all know, this blog is for those without a voice, to stand up against injustices and wrongs, whether it is Orca, people, the earth or me. This is MY PLACE where I get to unload and be me, if no one likes that, I am sorry, this is literally for me to explain me, my thoughts, opinions and reasoning behind what I do. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it my problem, it's yours. I'm sorry if that is harsh, but again, you know where the little red X is... For those of you that understand and appreciate what it is that I am trying to do and accept me for me, faults and all, that is the most I could hope for and those of you whom I consider friends, I am even closer to after all the lamas yesterday!
     MAY 2014 was and is about India's Caste System. To me, such a beautiful people's and culture, seems like such a marring pile of awful. What is worse is that it is an ancient concept. The Hindu Manus , an ancient Indian cannon, says that the Dalit (Click me)or untouchables are the foot, to serve and be the support of the rest of society. Obviously this was written before all life was considered sacred, that the individual is not born into a caste... Unfortunately, just like American racism, while said to be eradicated, is actually ever present, even in today's modern societies. Now just like America, it is obviously worse and more prevalent in rural societies, but can be seen even in huge cities. A huge part of the caste system comes the idea that even in the lowest of the low, one gender is still worth more than another. This has led to one of the most appalling acts I can think of, Female Feoticide and infanticide. I feel like I cannot even begin to describe this, so I will let you watch what I have and decide yourself...
National geographic article
Nat Geo article specifically about the untouchables and the violence they experience.

While I think the Caste system is a horrible social construction only given power by those that choose to observe it, the by product of killing it's girls hurts even more.Another report

The Collection itself deals with the different aspects of the Caste system, a shadow that hides those that work hard and yet cannot get ahead, because purely be being born under the wrong roof, makes them worthless...

Golden Dalit

This shadow is a gorgeous opaque golden yellow shimmer, named to empower and remind everyone, that no untouchable cannot be golden...


Untouchable is a dark chocolate brown shimmer that is beyond belief gorgeous, one of my favorites from this collection. Untouchable is the common word in English for those that are so low in a the Social Totem pole they don't even really have a caste, just a name, Dalit.

Caste Shadow

This awesome ConShimmer concrete grey creme with bright green contrasting shimmer is a must for the neutral lovers. It reminds me of a poltergeist, which I feel like the Caste System does to people, makes them invisible ghosts in society that haunt the dark corners of the unwanted. Caste in shadows....

Gorgeous swatch by the Amazing IG@Glitterordie

 Brahmin Blood

This Red Grelly, Glitter crelly is actually really gorgeous. It has many shapes, finishes and sizes of red and silver glitters as well as some pink larger particle shimmers which makes it completely different than other red on red Grellies. Hearts and diamonds and all the things that make blood so sacred. Problem is we all are the same on inside, whether Brahmin, Dalit, white, black, red or rainbow, when you get to the root of what makes us all so different, really makes us all the same...

F.F.I.- Female Fetocide and Infanticide Lip Butter

This gorgeous color is a semi matte Lip Butter, that is a dark Cranberry red and absolutely conditioning and luxurious. 
I Unfortunately cannot find any swatches of it, these will be added later, when I have them...

The organization to benefit from the donations made to this collection have to yet be decided.
The best donation you can give to any of these peoples and me, is to tell a friend, share the blog, share the documentaries so that everyone can know. Only through international social pressures and awareness will any of this actually start to change, be the change you want to see, be the difference, speak up for those, without a voice.