Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rebel 4 a Cause Series-July-September info

Good Morning my Lovelies!!!
Today I am introducing to you the collections that will be releasing in a couple weeks. This will be another Rebel 4 a Cause Series release for the months of July-September.

      July is special for me because not only is it my birthday month but I decided to do outreach for something that has been close to home for me for a long time. I personally was raised in this weird Buddhist/Hindu/Christian Church called Ananda, it means light in Sanskrit. It was relatively Unitarian but focused mainly on a Christ conscious philosophy. If anyone is familiar with Hinduism, they believe in a Krishna Conscious centric belief system. However many of the great teachings of Siddhartha and the great yogis like baba Gee, etc where examined. Anyway I digress and my hippy upbringing has little to do with July's cause other than the time I remember in my youth that my "Church" sponsored a bunch of Tibetan children to come to the US for a month and they put on a performance of the life of the Buddha for us, many of them barely able to recite their English lines. That and I have seen the majestic and beautiful mandala sand carvings by true Tibetan Buddhist monks several times in my life in Nevada City, CA. What dedication and devotion to spends days creating this amazing piece of art only to destroy it. Which is part of why I understand detachment from many things. Create and release it.

 July 2014 Collection- Free Tibet?!?
This collection will contain 5 items:

1- Red and dandelion yellow glitter bomb nail polish- "His Holiness the 14th  Dalai Lama"
1- Nude Holographic nail polish- "The middle way approach"

1-Nude shimmer eye pigment- "Om Mani Padme hum"
1-Red Semi Matte eye pigment- "Dharamshala"
1- Midnight Navy matte eye pigment- "Free Tibet"

July's collection's donations will go to fund Tibetan Refugees in Dharamshala and the benefit the exiled government in McleodGanj.

     August's collection is a matter of contention for many. Something everyone wants to pretend doesn't exist, but it does. In 8th grade, oh sooooo many years ago, my chemistry teacher went on a giant tirade about how global warming was a bs myth and not real... Well, not sure if my west coasters have noticed, but California didn't have a winter this year, it went from summer to spring and is now back in full swing summer. The ocean's temperatures and sea levels have risen steadily and dramatically over the last decade due to globally rising temperatures as well as melting glaciers and ice shelves. Now we may be technically entering into another ice age soon, however we are causing such irreversible damages with our carbon pollution that this "Ice age" is what will surely become a myth. No real life has ever survived or experienced the types of green house effects that ravaged Venus, but if we can take a que from our neighboring planet, let's just say that we need to get our asses in gear.

August 2014 Collection- It's getting HOT in herre... (Yes it really makes me think of this, lol)
This collection will contain 5 items:

1- Gold and hot pink Glitter bomb nail polish- "Sunkissed"

1- Coral holographic nail polish- "Global Hottie"

1- Coral shimmer eye pigment- "Endless Summers"
1- Metallic Gold eye pigment - "Exponentially Hotter"
1- Sheer shimmery pink Cheek and lip creme- "Melted"

     September's issue is another that I take seriously. I get really mad at people that just throw their trash where ever and having lived by the pacific ocean, I know first hand what marine debris is and what it does. ( I pick up trash all the time, cause no one else seems capable!) The problem of pollution goes much further than that, from our cars, to our mass consumerism to something as menial as balloons for a birthday party. This, like global warming, is a pan global issue that needs to be globally addressed and worked on. Island nations are taking a brunt of the trash that washes up on shore and suffocates their tourism, but not only that, our precious oceans take the true proverbial bullet for all our shiny plastic and the way we can't make it into the receptacles and from there into the landfills, DO YOUR PART, REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYLCE, UPCYCLE... Above all else, remember, you have a choice and the power to make an action that will reverberate throughout the world. No one needs your birthday balloons choking a sea turtle or fish, which could end up on your dinner table, or worse yet, will never be able to do anything as plastic kills in a slow, painful and excruciating sort of way... Watch out megaladon and mercury, our oceans have an even scarier killer on the loose... Your plastic grocery bags...

September 2014 Collection- Dirrrty
This collection will contain 5 items:

1- Grey Glitter bomb nail polish- "Beijing fog" (Click the link, Beijing isnt even the worst...)

1-Dark Brown Holographic nail polish- "DO YOUR PART!"

1- Matte Dark Brown eye pigment- "Dirt Clean"
1-Dark Silver shimmer eye pigment- " Marine Debris"

1- mid tone Almond brown lippie in a tube- "Tsunami Slide" ( This one was made as a nude for a Filipino friend, but natural disasters actual create a huge amount of trash and debris that sometimes is never cleaned up, keeping those areas in disaster zones for decades...)

    I just wanted to keep you all updated on the releases coming out soon, are you getting excited? I am. The amazing Kimber's Lacquer Korner   is receiving her PR box today and will have some amazing shots for us of these products before the preorder on the 28th of the June, may be pushed back just a little bit, but hoping not so that we can get these beauties out to you by the 4th. Not sure if you all noticed that July's eye pigments are rather patriotic!!! I will be doing full inspiration posts for each collection, but this way you all get the heads up before they come out! XOXO

***ALL Swatcher credit goes to Kim N.. and myself!