Monday, June 2, 2014

Swatcher Application

Thank you for your interest in swatching for my product. I have a few questions for you before we proceed.
 Please answer thoroughly, thoughtfully and professionally (Grammar, spelling, etc will indicate your ability to communicate with potential customers as well as with this business.) 

1. What is your real Name:
 Facebook ID?(Clickable Links Required):

2. Do you have a blog or YouTube channel? Or any other Social Media (Pinterest, twitter, etc?)
(Clickable Links required)

3. How long have you had social media profiles listed above?

4. What kind of camera/set-up do you use? 

5. Which products are you looking to review or swatch and how long have you been using these kinds of products? (I don't just sell polish)

6. Are you over 18? (Birth date please, for verification purposes, as well as for fun Bday goodies!)

7. Where are you located? 

8. Please submit a photo and/or a link that highlights your work. 

9. How long from receipt of items to be swatched until they are ready to post? (Turnaround)

10. If opting to swatch polish, which nail shape do you wear and are your nails your own? Explain. If opting for makeup or body care, will swatches be done on yourself or on another and do I have permission to use photos of that person?

11. Do I have permission to use and edit any all pictures you take using my products? As well, as use in how I see fit? ( Your answer, for our purposes, becomes legally binding)

12. Tell me something about you to better get to know you and how you would make the best brand ambassador for I,A.M...CustomColor?  IE: what do you think is unique about you, what are your hobbies or interests. What makes you, you! How you heard about my brand and how you think you can best communicate the cause collections as well the product.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions before  we begin discussing the parameters of a working contract. 
Ashlie Jade
Custom Crafted Cosmetics and Lacquer

 I am always accepting applications for those that think they may qualify, however I have gotten a lot of people who like to paint their nails who just want free stuff. I DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING OUT GRATIS, especially not after the first time working together and depending on how that all goes, maybe not even after. I am too small of a business to incur that kind of expense for the potential of non return. Sorry if this all sounds harsh, but I need customers, not swatchers. 

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the offer and its use. Also feel free to check out my store and see what you like. I always send freebies and personal goodies in every package and with every item purchased. For Swatchers, I would first need to be contacted to create a private listing. I feel like this way you get to try what you want, in the size you want and with a decent discount when collections are not being released.
Let me know what you decide, either way.
Thank you for your time,
Ashlie Jade

*Please Note I prefer shots of products to have multiple lighting, as my products have shifts, etc. Nail polish is acceptable with some nail art or accent nails or bling. It shows a polish's versatility as well as being eye catching, please take pics before doing so as well as leaving one nail plain to showcase the polish you were hired to promote. I love Macros, as well as bottle shots, even if just a mini, these make a polish pop, give good hand poses, make for consistency and showcase the brand and polish, what it is really all about! I also prefer even and well shaped nails.
  For Makeup, All my pigments are very highly pigmented, as such, only require about a 1/4 of product that commercial brands do. They look very different when applied, Raw/dry, wet/lined or Primed, which I prefer to use a white to really showcase the pigment in all it's beauty. Please be aware, not all eye pigments can be used on lips, not all lip products can be used on eyes, and no blushes can be used on eyes. Thanks and hope this helps!*