Monday, February 10, 2014

February Nail Art Challange! PT.1

Hi ya friends! Valentine's themed nail art is of course the main stay of February. How can I not jump on the band wagon? Lol.
Remember these?

I decided today to actually add all the nail art I've been doing for IG @Californails #Nailartfeb "very doable nail challenge!" Lol.

Day1 -Glitter I'm wearing my own purple crelly called violent violet, which will be released in June. I used @lacquerliscious nail polish Bella's whoot thanks to @sunkissedgurl2000 for that beauty. I Supernails Gold Coins by @kseagle and a pretty #flakie also from sunkissedgurl2000 lots o glitters!!!! And of course my Frenchie/pug nailspiration came from @iscreamnails I saw/did her #frenchie nail art and then had to do my #pug too!!! 

I literally own this in dog form, her name is Zoe, and the tongue one is Kaia, lol.

I used mostly sephora by opi and China glaze polishes.

Day 7- XOXO 
Thanks Lili Chan for the cute graphic and@pleasedtopleaseyou and @nailstorming plus others I'm sure for the #nailspiration made a jelly holo glitter sandwhich nailart feb. this was sort of annoying. Lol. I also failed a simple stamping attempt too. Like seven of them! Oh well!!

Day 9- Hearts
Back at it again, with a little success, you be the judge. reverse stamping nailart glitter is one of my customs called  everythingnice. diy nail stickers as my nailspiration.

 That's all for now! Til next time! Dont forget to check out my store for my destash sale, custom cosmetics sale and to see which collection you can currently purchade from that will donate to a good cause! XOXO