Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DeStash/Overflow Sale!!!

If Interested please go purchase from my store-(Click Here!)
I figured since I have only limited quantities of my own cosmetics that I would also offer some of my own polishes to help fund next months collection. Most of these are brand new unused, swatched on one nail on a nail wheel, pic included, and a few have been used minimally for frankening. Pictures will state under them which is which and costs. Same shipping as always applies, $2.50 for the first bottle, $1.50 for each additional bottle, Nail Stickers are $1.00 for first and $.50 for each additional, maxing out at $20.00 for flat rate shipping.

 2 sheets of flirt nail stickers- $2.00 (New)
 Fashion Nail Stickers-$2.00 each (New)
 L'Oreal Nail Stickers- $3.00 each (New)
 Hits Polish Hefesto, Holographic Top Coat- $8.00 (Swatched on one nail on nail wheel)
Essie- Antique Rose and Wild Thing (both have been used minimally for frankening)=$3.00 each, Color Club- Nothing But Truffle?, Slow Jam (both were swatched on one nail on nail wheel)=$3.00, Santee- Baby pink=$1.50 (New)
 Essie Wild thing and Antique Rose
This is what I think is Nothing But Truffle. It never came with a name and it is such a confusing color. It is very Coffee brown with strong gold shimmer in the bottle and then on the nail wheel it was very rusty red with strong golden brown shimmer.
Color Club-Slow Jam

Nicole by Opi-Kim Konfdential=$4.00, OPI-Suzi says Fung shui and Suzi takes the wheel=$6.00,China Glaze-Stone Cold, Gaga for Green and Foie Gras=$4.00 (All have been swatched on one nail on nail wheel.)
OPI-Suzi says Fung shui $6.00
 China Glaze-Gaga for Green with flash- $4 
  China Glaze-Gaga for Green without flash- $4
Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish- Slate Park (Brand New Unopened) Cosmic Blue and Purple Magnitude (swatched on one nail on nail wheel.)=$3.00 each

Nars with Box-Disco Inferno=$10.00 (SOLD), Orly-Sparkling Garbage=$6.00(SOLD), Zoya Yasmeen=$7.00, Pretty Serious with Box-Atomic Brains=$14.00 ( Each has been swatched once on the nail wheel)

Nars- Disco Inferno with flash, 2 coats no undies
 Nars- Disco Inferno without flash, 2 coats no undies
 Orly Sparkling Garbage
This isn't the Zoya Color, its actually Essie-Sexy Divide and China Glaze-Let's Groove; which are very similar to Yasmeen and that I like better. I guess I had a purple shimmer thing going on, huh?!?
The Middle one is Pretty Serious-Atomic Brains with Flash
The First one is my fave multi chrome called Show by Ludurana. The Middle one is Pretty Serious-Atomic Brains without Flash

 It's hard to get clear pics of sealed bottles, lol. Sephora By OPI- In the Shadows, Dark Room, Leaf him at the Alter,Caught with my Khakis down(SOLD), Queen of everything, Natural Beauty. $4.00 each or Twp for $7.00
This is a little closer to the bottle colors in real life.
There were the three I did Swatch on the nail wheel, that I didn't want. Dark Room, Natural Beauty Caught with my Khakis down(SOLD).
 Vernique-Door-say what?-$4.00, OPI-Ink and A Grape Fit-$6.00, Pair em scare em duo-$14.00, or $8 each if broken up. All have been swatched on one nail on a nail wheel.

 China Glaze-Rich and Famous, Mom's Chiffon, Riveting, Ravishing Dahling (Allswatched on one nail on a nail wheel), Essence Nail Magnet(Brand New)=$4.00 each

P2-Go Dangerous(Swatched on one nail on nail wheel, came all the way from Paris, France) P2 Go Dangerous swatch pic=$11.00, Sally Hansen triple Shine- Sparkling Water=$6.00, Color Club-Blue Heaven-(Swatched Twice)=$6.00, Jade-Energy(Swatched once)=$6.00

 These are teasers... I made three of these purples for Christmas Gifts for family friends as well as the Cranberry and hot pink Holo called "Holo, Hot Pink, Barbie!" and the Cranberry one I called "Hot Toddy, Momma!" and the purple with blue shimmer was called "What's a Snauzberry?!?" Tell me what you think and thank you in advance for your purchases.  Kik-Iamcustomcolors or Email me at IamCCNP13@gmail.com for invoices and availability!

Black Fish Collection For Sale!

Hello My Custom Ladies!!
How are you all today? I am pretty sure that this isn't going to be a daily blog and yet here it is day three in a row! lol. And of course my boyfriend also points out that I do have enough nail polish to wear a different color each day of the year! But alas, this is not what this post is about. It is what all this build up and the two previous posts are really about!
So without further adieu, horrible pictures to ensue! Oh bad rhymes make me giggle...

Firsts pics I took with my iPhone.

The Blackish set includes: 2 eye shadow pigments, one lipstick in a pot and 2 custom crafted nail lacquers.

 25% of the proceeds go to helping retire captive performance mammals and www.us.whales.org and their efforts to protect out oceans and all her children. Please check out my previous blog for information and how you can help! Thank you for being a conscientious shopper and colorist!

Lolita is an opaque white mineral shadow with gorgeous gold shimmer and comes in a small pot with a little less than 1/2 teaspoon of product.

Keto is an opaque navy blue mineral shadow with strong turquoise shimmer and comes in a small pot with a little over 1/2 teaspoon of pigment.

Orkid is a great fall lipstick that is an opaque creme sheen with a subtle coordinating shimmer and an ultra hydrating peppermint tingle. This also comes in a pot with 1/2 teaspoon of product.

Tilikum is a red, silver, black and white glitter bomb that has stars, tinsel, hexs, dots, diamonds, squares and fine glitter in varying sizes. Included is a brand new 15 ML. bottle and two sterile mixing balls.

Free Tilly is a blue glitter packed crelly with varying sizes and finishes of blue, black, white and silver glitters in this gorgeous blue base! Included is a brand new 15 ML. bottle and two sterile mixing balls.

All Glitter Nail Polishes are $10 or two for $18.00

All Eye shadows and Pigments/Blushes/Cream and Shimmer Polishes are $9.00 or $16.00 for the two

Lipstick, stain and balms are $12.00

The set of all 5 items and some extra goodies is $40.00

Update 1/12/14-Only 1-Lolita, Keto- eyeshadws and Tilikum polish are still available!
Thank you Rosie and Sophia for supporting the Cause!

Your Donations are greatly appreciated and please keep in mind that the prices reflect my costs as well as the 25% contribution you are making to help end this slave entertainment.Shipping here in Cali isn't cheap and for that I apologize. Until I can get better deals the prices are set. 

$2.50 for the first polish or Lippie and $1.50 for each additional polish or lippie,

 Eye shadows, pigments and Blushes will be $1.50 for the first item and a $1.00 for each additional like item. The weights differ so it is difficult to just charge one price for all! 

 I appreciate all your patience and help during this learning experience!

OK, Picture heavy from here on out.I am new to swatching and I am trying really hard but it doesn't always work for me. I am also in the midst of deciding how I want to package things. When I had ordered all my pigments and things, I had only the intention of making polish and so I guess you can say making cosmetics sorta found me. LOL. Some of my first attempts at making anything other than polish started with this cream blush that I had madly frankened and added to. And it worked well and that of course got the creative juices flowing. I then made some shadows for my nail mail buddy Miss Pauline AKA Souchka_Nails on IG. She is an amazing and talented Parisian blogger whom just recently started her own nail art business! She had mentioned that she didn't have any matte navy shadows and so I made her one that was entirely matte and another that had a slight shimmer to it. I also made her a really nice nude shadow with a slight shimmer. Maybe a slightly more peachy version of MAC Pigment Naked, one of my absolute favorite and everyday shadows.She posted this amazing pic on her IG!
Souchka_nails swatch of my Navy and Nude pigments. She makes it look so flawless, no? And you gotta love her beautiful matching glitter mani!

 The Blackfish Collection
 Free Tilly-3 coats, Tilikum-2 coats over blue, Tilikum-1 heavy coat

 This blurry pics help you see the finer glitters in Free Tilly
I feel like these bags were made for this!!!
 Lolita, Keto, Orkid thick and rubbed in over Pale Ivory Concealer stick, natural light in sun.
Can you see the gold shimer in Lolita, the turquoise shimmer in Keto and the secret shimmer in Orkid, indoor lighting
 If Orkid were more red, I'd have subconsciously made the American flag, lol.
 Natural Light
Natural light in shade
OOOps! This one made it in upside down...
Update- I regret to inform you there has been Animal Testing at I Am Custom Color HQ! Zoe after years of having a complex, decided she wanted to be a pretty girl too! After returning home to find a swatch stick of my minty lip stick Orkid stained on the dining room rug, I was left to wonder whom of the three doggies had been the culprit, until I looked down to this!!! (And despite the fact that this is the third homemade lippie she has eaten! Fun rainbow poo is the smoking gun if you were wondering how else we knew it was her and her alone!!!)
This is Zoe Pug modeling Orkid from the BlackFish Collection! She says it tastes great, wears long and supports her favorite Cetaceans! Ok, now tell her she is a pretty, pretty girl!