Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Veil Collection February 2014

Hello Lovelies.
Since January is long and February is short, this new Collection will be available starting:
 Saturday, January 25th, 2014
Although you are more than welcome to put in a pre-order now and I will ship it so it will arrive by the 25th.
I have a little organizing of my thoughts to do yet to get the main ideas behind this collection in order, but I do have all the color concepts and demos completed!

Full size (15ML or .50oz.) =$10.00 each
*Tween/halfies (8ML or .25oz.) = $5.00 each

Diamond PRO Top Coat -super awesome
*Full size (15ML or .50oz.) = $5.00 each
*Tween/halfies (8ML or .25oz.) = $3.00 each

Mineral Pigment eye shadows (.5 tsp. packed) and Blush (1tbsp. Loose) - $8.00 Each

Set- $50 and includes- 6 pieces, 1 each of the follow: The Veil, 2nd class, and What's FGM? mineral eye pigments, Addis Ababa blush, Chador and CEDAW in Syria polishes.

SHIPPING is $2.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item. Free shipping for order over $50 to the contiguous United States. *If wanting to purchase from any other location, feel free to message me! All items ship from California and all payments are made through paypal.
 Please email me or kik- IAMCustomColors for invoice and purchase instructions!

   This collection mainly centers on women's rights around the world and the defense of these rights when alienated, denied and abused. The issues that bug me the most about violated women's rights will get their own collections and maybe this one is too wide an idea and issue to really be properly highlighted but these are the things that I would like to share with you. I have taken issue for the forcible covering of women regardless of the underlying reasons. Other issues that are justified and propagated under religious posterity is FGM. You may ask "What is FGM?" which inspired one of the eye pigments in this collection. FGM, or Female Genital Mutilation, lovingly referred to as female circumcision is an archaic rights of passage ritual that cause many more issues than it supposedly alleviates, which leads me to another another of my causes being highlighted in this Collection, A Walk to Beautiful Movie, which is about about the damage caused by FGM and the denial of prenatal and delivery care. Something, I feel, in the states, we just don't even give a second thought to.
So many rights denied to women and children all over the world and this collection will give 25% of it's proceeds to helping women in impoverished areas start local businesses to help sustain themselves and their children as well as educating you the consumer what you can do to help and to be better informed on these injustices.
So here we go! Very Picture Heavy, you have been warned!

The Veil Collection from The Rebel 4 A Cause Series

 From Left to Right: CEDAW in Syria- Black Crelly with Rainbow crazy goodies, A New Top Coat- Diamond PRO, Chador-Peachy Crelly with Gold Glitter, Pigments from top to bottom- The Veil, 2nd Class, What's FMG?, Shimmer Blush-Addis Ababa-Peachy rose with gold highlight.

 Firstly the Pigments!

2nd Class

This beautiful Chameleon is a great Smokey purple shimmer that leans cool. It is opaque but not as much as some of our other pigments but can easily be built up. This one is a true stunner in person but was such a devil to try and accurately capture this and What'sFGM? This mystifier also boasts many different shimmers, as you will see! 
Yes, these are the same pigment, but whoa does it shift depending on the light and angle!
I think Blurry pics sometimes help to see a colors true form. This is pretty close.

What's FGM?
This guy is also another chameleon in the set! It is a very coppery-brown that shimmers golds, coppers, bronzes and even some green. This would be a great in the crease for blending or oven doing an amazing brown smokey eye version.

Here's a few more swatches of them side by side. 

In shade they have a lot of depth and shows how opaque they actually are.

The Veil-
This classic nude, leans very pale, almost like a classic ivory with a slight hint of yellow and peach. But what makes this a must have are those awesome Gold shimmers. Any thing but normal or boring, definitely not just another nude...

Addis Ababa-
This beautiful blush is a stunner. A very peachy Rose color with a ton of gorgeous shimmer when it hits the light.

 The Polishes:

CEDAW in Syria-
WOW! Is all I can say! Such an amazing black Crelly with tons and tons of rainbow glitters, matte, metallic, shapes, etc...basically its even got the kitchen sink.
Two coats and three coats. Is actually very opaque.

 Just look at all those different glitters!
One Coat of CEDAW in Syria
Different angle, still one coat.
This perfectly creamy peach is anything but just another nude, this one is packed full of all different shaped and shades of gold glitter. I'd dare say this gorgeous polish could be office appropriate and sexy sophisticated for a night out! 
 One Coat, two coat, three coat Perfection.
This one is very true to color.
Ok so there it! Thoughts?!?
Here are a couple colors I made for my valentine's party!
Everything Nice glitter topper and The red Queen- 2 coats and one coat.

And here's a little comparison of a horribly failed attempt at a black holo.
 Color Club-Beyond, My bad creation, Layla- Flash Black and Hits-Zeus

Thank you everyone for all your loving support and I appreciate each and every one of you! Please Follow me on IG Iamcustomcolor