Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rebel4aCause November 2014- "Full?" Collection

Hello my lovely Custom Colorists!

      If you do not already know, I have a very special Facebook fan page devoted to one on one interactions and special giveaways as well as pre releases for you my fans! You have all done so much for me in the past and now my IG is at over 2500 followers! I feel so blessed and am so proud of where this little business and following has taken me.
     On a sad note, there is a lie circulating around about my company propagated by this person- Also see here on IG. She recently had to rebrand as she was being sued for infringing on another companies logos, name and style. I know her very little but she has turned around and tried to put that same bad energy on me. I urge you to not support someone as vindictive as this and keep in mind that no matter what anyone else tries to do to keep I,A.M...CustomColor Cosmetics and Lacquer down, we will always be here to offer you our 100% best Custom Crafted Cosmetics! XOXO.

     Today we are talking about Hunger and Nutrition. If you haven't figured out by now, our collections do deal with third world and global issues but also one's that can easily be related right here at home.
Here is an article published today on the subject of Hunger in the US-  NPR Article
     I personally feel, like I do with October as well as December's collections, that these are not issues that should even be relevant. No one should be hungry, no one should be without medical care and NO ONE should be without clean, life sustaining water. There is just no logical sense to be made for the arguments for these issues. I just don't get it? We have world class planes and travel that can take any one person from one side of the earth and back in a day. Food as well can be mass transported this way as well. It just comes down to that issues that kills me on a daily basis, GREED. Money and more money. If you don't have this imaginary sense of worth in paper then tell me what does it all mean? How can the rich continue to get fat and richer while the poor starve and stay poor?
      Sorry, not sorry, that was a rant and a half, but I suppose I am just one of those people that doesn't think my self worth is measured by how much better I am than those around me, or elevated above... When I think of November and what this month represents, I think about Thanksgiving and what a great equalizer that is meant to represent. Two warring sides put aside their differences for a day to share in the wealth each had to offer so that no one starved. While I am sure this is completely idealized, isn't it a warm and fuzzy concept to behold? Doesn't it feel good to think that the pilgrims, those first European settlers shared with the Natives of this land? Versus the reality that they stole, raped and pillaged as well as decimated their culture beliefs and peoples. That is a rant for another day.
     In honor of that warm and fuzzy concept, this month's collection donate to UNICEF and their mission to help aid those in dire need. They help the hungry, sick and weak and is something we all should take to heart in this season of over-eating, over-spending gluttony. Donate some cans to a can drive or donate your time to a soup kitchen, invite a friend or neighbor that may not have anywhere to go this Thanksgiving to come and enjoy this time of giving thanks with you. If you start to feel overwhelmed or down as some can do this season, just remember that YOU can make a huge difference in someone else's life this season and that is a wholly rewarding feeling all it's own.
    On the converse while the US does have the juxtaposition of being a nation with the highest obesity rate in the world along side starving children in lower class neighborhoods, the types of foods that are offered at a lower cost do not offer the nutrition and health we need. Fast food, vending machines, SUGAR, SUGAR and SUGAR... These will be our downfall. Consider this month cutting back on your salt and sugar in take and walking just a little bit more. Did you know if you are concerned about your weight that just cutting soda from your diet, if a regular drinker, can equal a pound a week just in sugar and carbs!?! Consider not only others this season, but yourself and your heart as well. Do it!

    OK, OK, on to the juice...

First up for your ogling pleasing is:


This gorgeous blackened cranberry holo is beyond belief beautiful. It may have a slight shift to it with tons of awing shimmer. The name was inspired by Cranberry sauce and my awkward vernacular and love of saying things like "Food Me"... So Sauce me, may not have been as well understood, I went with Sauced. (While I love this holo, I am not a huge fan of cranberry sauce in a can. lols)

Swatcher credit goes to Amanda

Swatcher Credit goes to Morgan

Great macro
Swatcher credit goes to Chelsea.


This is a really awesome representation of the colors of fall. We have bronzes, browns, golds, whites, yellow and orange glitters in many shapes, sizes and finishes. Everything needed to represent the perfect cornucopia! I, personally am not a huge brown, orange or yellow fan, but this glitter is gorgeous and I made sure to save myself one and have worn it multiple times. That is saying something. 

Swatcher credit goes to Amanda

Swatcher Credit goes to Morgan

Love a good bottle shot, thanks to Chelsea!
Swatcher credit goes to Chelsea.

Eat Your Greens-

This is a mid tone green shimmer Eye Pigment that will make you stand up and say wow! It is the perfect addition to this set and just what everyone needs to complete those gorgeous fall looks! This shadow was inspired by green bean casserole and that need I have to make sure everyone is getting their proper nutrition. SO um, ya, eat your greens... 


This Eye Pigment is a gorgeous purple/brown taupe colored shadow. Tons of shimmer and super opaque, this shadow is an essential fall color that is sure to make everyone notice and compliment all eye colors and skin tones. Stuffed was inspired by that browned turkey full of stuffing on Thanksgiving day.

When I get swatches of these, so will you, here are my traditionally horrible swatches for you all!

I chose to write this giving Thanks post on an important day as well! Happy Veteran's day to all and Make sure to thank a veteran or active duty service member for all they do to ensure our country continues. With out them, I wouldn't have my ranty little corner of the interwebs! SO THANK YOU! XOXO

P.S. Keep an eye peeled for two, yes 2 collaborations coming out this month as well! With some of my favorite ladies in the industry! Squeee!!!!