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Rebel 4 A Cause Series April- Gaia Love Collection and inspirations

Hello Loves,
Since my Hiatus I have changed a few things around. I realized I was making myself bonkers thinking I can do monthly releases and keep up. So I decided to release three months at a time, this gives me time to formulate, package, plan and release the collections while giving myself time in between each collection release for other things like collaborations with other indies or releases that are more fun and not cause based. Don't get me wrong I love the cause collections but it has been a nightmare with logistics and quite frankly I'm not making any money off it. Which isn't even a profit issue so much as a make enough to keep going issue. SO I did try to resolve that with the Invader Zim releases. Anyway...


      Since April is Earth Month to me, or at least it has an Earth Day, I wanted a collection that not only made one think but also made one aware of themselves and this wonderful planet we live on. I am fortunate enough to live in a state where drought and fires are very prevalent. This is supposedly one of the worst droughts in 30 years on record. I say fortunate only because it makes me very aware of my water usage, my electricity usage and my own carbon footprint. Do you ever think about these things? As a whole global planet, we are abusing the crap out of our home. If you don't keep your own domicile clean and happy, what happens? I can't pretend to understand everyone else's mentalities, only to share my own.
   Our earth is a finite resource, this means, when we have used, abused and destroyed her, what then? We are very much on a solid path of destruction. Everything we do either contributes to one side or another. Who uses Dove? Did you know dove uses south east Asian rain forest for their supposedly sustainable palm farms. Did you also know that they give their farmers free range to murder ANY animal that enters the farm, whether it be our closest living genetic relative the Orangutan (My fave Great Ape, not Monkey, although we are all PRIMATES, and to prove their closeness, just watch a video of a baby orangutan crying, shave it and its just an ugly human infant) or any other endangered or protected species, such as Elephants, Tigers and Rhinos. 
   I'm not a huge Greenpeace fan, conceptually yes, action wise no, they have become as inflammatory as PETA, however this video sums up all I just said in about 1.5 minutes...Anti-Palm Farm campaign
Here is an article that explains in detail the info on the Deforestation of Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia and elsewhere and what that actually means for us as a global community-Article, Click me
If you can't read, Click and watch me!
Here's another by product of the Palm oil deforestation-Slash and burn problem...
   I personally refuse to use palm oil or any unsustainable, conflict or inorganic oil in my products, the organization I hope to benefit from this month's collection feels that this is not the answer. There are ways to meet market and global demands of products that don't include killing the earth or her children- WWF solution
   This is only one example of deforestation and it's devastating ecological effects in the world, all over raw and pure, unexplored forests are cleared for man's greed and the production of cheap and unsustainable products for the global market. What can you do to help? 
   DO reduce, reuse and recycle and my new fave to upcycle items that can be, watch your carbon foot print, I guarantee you wont die walking less than a mile to the store or to run a few errands, and when you do chose to purchase products, know where they come from and what your purchase supports, if I do nothing else in this world, I want to create conscientious shoppers...
This Months 25% will go to benefit one of my fave organizations ever-

 Up First we have Gaia Love-
This gorgeous mid tone green shimmer shadow is the perfect mix of greens, golds and shimmer
Sunlit swatch

Shadow jar pic
Flash jar shot

This is Gaia Bruies on the left and Gaia Love on the right in natural light. top is raw, middle is wet and bottom is over NYX jumbo liner in Milk.

Next up is Gaia Bruises, a dark, almost brackish green with strong gold, teal and green shimmer in it, these two blend perfectly for a green based smokey eye. It almost reminds me of a deep bruise, initially I called it bruises heal, as in Bruises heal but extinction don't... Ruminate on that as I try to explain why Gaia- This whole collection is Gaia, it originally was inspired by my love of Bob Marley and his Song Kaia Love, for which I named my last dog. Here is what Senior Wiki says:
             "In Greek mythologyGaia (/ˈɡ.ə/ or /ˈɡ.ə/; from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of  Γῆ, "land" or "earth";[1] also Gaea, orGe) was the personification of the Earth,[2] one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans, and the Giants were born to her. The gods reigning over their classical pantheon were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea). Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.[3]Gaia-WIKI

Gaia Bruises in Lightbox, top is raw, middle is wet and bottom is over NYX jumbo liner in Milk.

She used the veil on the inside lid and that stunning shifting dark smokey green on the rest of the lid.

In this Collection we are offering a Blush called Gaia Blood, it is a very rusty, red blush with shimmer, it is a bit darker than our first blush, Addis Ababa. I thought of the rust reds we get from the iron core of our planet, the blood of our earth. This blush will give a healthy glow to any skin tone and is, as all our pigments are, always oil, paraben waxes and filler free.
In Sunlight

 With Flash
In Shade

The Polish in this month's collection, if you could guess are green, go figure, my style lately has been to include one glitter bomb and one either grelly (Glitter Crelly) or a ConShimmer (Contrasting Shimmer)
I have one Glitter bomb and one Conshimmer for you, the Glitter bomb is proving to be a crowd fave.

Up First is Gaia Graffiti, a glitter bomb with black, white, and all shades and finishes and sizes of green glitters, I consider it the earth tagging us back...
 In shade
With Flash

My favorite!!! Macros: Swatcher Credit: Kim

Her swatch shows Gaia Graffiti over Gaia Tears with some fun nail art added.

The second polish for April was Gaia Tears. It was a mossy army green with strong blue and turquoise shimmers. This would be the tears part of Gaia.

***Also since the release of this collection I have added 5ML Mini bottles for press samples and also for purchase as I know that budget and desire sometimes do not equate 15ML, lol.
 I have decided I will not continue any of the polish from this collection, when gone, it's gone, get yours before that happens****
I,A.M...CustomColor Cosmetics and Lacquer

I'm Back, I promise

Hello my lovely colorists,
I am sooooo sorry about the unexpected hiatus, it was not intentional and I feel like a horrible blog owner.
I did have some unexpected puppy trauma and bills and did close down the shop for a few weeks, with surgery for one and a seizure for another I was a distraught dog mom. I can always count on the pug to be the rock tho, she seems to always be just fine when the other two "delicate" flowers have problems.
I did have to rework how I view blogging. It did sorta of become like a chore, like homework. I've been out of college for a while, even if I do plan to go back eventually, it still feels like I am writing papers and doing research for things when I just want to sit in my craft room and create...
I didn't feel this way about blackfish at all or even the veil collection. So how do I get myself as motivated for the others? I just gotta do! lol.
I think my solution was to release a crazy and fun collection all just for me! I mean, I hope you all enjoy the heck out of it too, but I really did it for me! LOL
Anyway, my loves, I sincerely hope that you forgive my absence and remember to check in on our little Custom Corner of the world ever so often or if you feel like a laugh or a cry, I can guarantee in these pages you can find both.
Your support and love mean the world to me and I appreciate every single one of you, so with this I want to remind you all to come visit my FB or IG and enter my giveaway. I do now have a relatively neglected Pinterest now too! lol
You all are the best Custom Colorists a girl could ask for,
One of my fave pics, Zoe Pug and Kaia Love is a Frenchton, They use to love our California Coastal Highway 1 beach trips~

Yes her tongue is always out, yes puglet almost always looks this pathetic!

Here is the love of my life, my BF, and Kaia using Zoe as a Pug Pillow and Jah, the rescue bossy.

The top pic was two xmases ago, where my mom's dogs and my dogs had to help us wrap presents, or at least form a QC line...

SHHHHH, don't tell anyone, this goofball is my fave!

New logo/label in the works and new collections to come as well!!!