Saturday, August 23, 2014


Hello lovelies,
Just wanted to check in, it has been a hot minute since I last posted, since then, I have gotten a few new supplies, new bottles and a smaller holo size pigment and am hosting a huge clearance sale so I can clear out these old bottles, which are a nightmare to fill, have a propensity for exploding and break during shipping for some, I have had pretty good luck with this! Whew! But am excited about my new bottles and some new vinyl labels in the works by the amazing Lou_it_yourself from IG. I am also currently producing my part 2 of my "Invader Zim" collection as well as the horrendous search for  new swatchers.
My dear and sweet friend Kim from Kimber's Korner has decided to quit the swatcher game. She has recently suffered several personal losses (all in one week I might add) and has been shunned, trash talked and stepped all over by our nail community. To be honest, I do not blame her one bit, but will absolutely miss her amazing work. Please find it in yourselves to find her page and donate to her memorial fund for her mother's passing. She has done so much for this amazing community of ours and has all but been spit on. I ache for her and do not understand the clique-esque mentality of this community. None of us wear pink if we all suck as humans. Ok, end rant.

So here is the post as it is on IG and FB-
"New bottles came in and I really want to clear these bad boys out! These bottles need to go. So these are in the #clearance section of my shop(clickable link in bio!) i also have my coveted bday extreme gold holo for sale by its self, previously only in a set, for $10 shipped. Go get them. Help me clear these out. Holo top coat is also only $10. All other polish is $8 shipped!!!"

SO, there it is, the polishes on sale and the what's up with us! XOXO, Ashes