Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rebel 4 A Cause October 2014 What Medicine?

Hello my lovely Custom Colorists!
How are you all today? It is slowly approaching our Northern Hemisphere's Fall Season, Autumn, definitely one of my favorite times of year. The change and the cooling season. Where I live in California it can be very hot in the summer so the nice fall change is always welcome. On top of the incredibly hot summer we had this year we have been having some crazy droughts, I will talk more about this for December's collection.
   I recently got a new full time day job, which is very exciting for me personally. It presents new opportunities for me as I have been without healthcare for about 4.5/5 years. This has been scary because if I get sick I have little cushion to fall back on. I have always been in awe of the EU and it's universal healthcare system, as well as that system utilized in other places around the world. Some places in underdeveloped nations do not have the opportunity to have things like health care, let alone universally. Some indigenous peoples have even less access and it leads us the title of October's collection "What Medicine?".
   This collection has a bit of a fear factor for me, being that the US celebrates Halloween at the end of October ( my personal favorite holiday), you will notice a very distinct Halloween feel to this collection with the colors used as well as the fear factor part being that I personally also have extreme anxiety about germs and infectious diseases.
    In June 2009, I had a 6 day stay in quarantine in the the hospital due to an unknown infection. Turned out to just be an untreated case of Strep throat that turned into tonsillitis, which in turn infected my lymph nodes and salivary glands. It was the most extreme pain and worst experiences of my life (I have 70% of my back tattooed and did it in 2 days back to back sessions). Aside from technically assaulting one nurse and making another cry, I am truly thankful for the modern medicine that I had access to. If I had not, I may not be here to tell you about this today. It was not self abating and required tons of medication and tests to resolve. I had over 6 specialty doctors scratching their heads to help me get better, however without all their expert help, I could be in a box. Something simple like strep even in modern America can lead to life threatening illness, can you imagine the things we dismiss and take for granted like nutritious sustenance, clean water and infectious disease doctors in a third world nation that doesn't have the infrastructure for any of that?
    I am primarily talking about the current outbreak that West Africa is suffering of Ebola Virus. When they said they were bringing the American Ebola patients back to the US, I had a full 24 hour anxiety attack in which I did not sleep, could barely eat and was non functioning, I mean, it was still over 2,000 miles away from me, but in my country. After my scare with Quarantine and my propensity for getting ill, I am certain that my immune system would not be able to handle it. It could barely handle knowing it was in my country. Sorry about all the TMI, but it is something we just don't have to think about being in a first world country. I have heard some atrocious things from uneducated Americans along the lines of "better them than us." and "Well, I mean won't it just thin out their population, that's a good thing right?' I just can't, I have no response to idiocy like that...
   Generally the people that act first on outbreaks like this in countries that cannot do it for themselves is an Organisation called "Doctors without borders" and the people that research the outbreak, giving it a single point contagion is "The World Health Organisation." However due to the failing global economy, both of these organisations have suffered in the past few years, this combined with cultural differences in West Africa, have helped create the worst outbreak in history of this frightening disease.
   Ok, Ok, enough talking, I was already reminded by a less than stellar person that NO ONE cares about things we can't relate to. I feel like it isn't a stretch to imagine the connection to the causes I have supported this year. It is because of this that the Rebel4aCause Series will not continue in the same manner next year.
    Anyway, Onto the JUICE!

     In this collection we have 1-Holo, 1-Glitterbomb, 1-blush and 1-eye pigment. This is considerably less products than past collections and I think for my benefit as well as yours that we will continue to keep collections small. When I get swatches I will share them with you, until then here are a few product pics!

What Medicine?

This purple blush is called Contagion and will be the perfect blush for Halloween.

Epidemic without Borders a black shadow with red shimmers and highlight.