Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Launch- Rebel4aCause Series

Hello my lovely Colorists!!!
I just want to say thank you for taking the time to stop by and take a look! There are many blogs and many opinions and many more choices for cosmetics and nail polish! It can truly be overwhelming at times. My name is Ashlie Jade and I am currently 28 from just north of Sacramento, CA, USA. I am an animal lover so naturally I have 3 dogs, a pug, a frenchton and a boston terrier. My first love is German, I was a German Major at CSUS, and my second but most prominent love is ballet/dance. I have been dancing for over a decade and it influences who I am to my core like no body's business. Plus I have been teaching recreational dance since 2007.
  So, what has led me to this point? I only started obsessing over polish a year and half ago. actually it was the end of June 2012.That was when I started doing nail art, horribly I might add, of which this blog will contain plenty! And even worse pictures. LOL. At this current time I own about 320 something polishes and I have made something in the range of 40+ frankens and indies.
  My professional goal and mission statement is to provide Custom Crafted Cosmetics that are cruelty free and as fair trade as I can provide. I currently cannot find any 5-free nail polish base but as soon as I can my products will be able to boast that as well. I use all brand new and sterile products and equipment.
  My personal goal is to get better equipment and camera to be able to take awesome pictures to show you guys how horrible my nail art and painting skills are... The sad thing is, this wont stop me. I still think sharing is caring! Lucky you!
  Did I say thank you yet for believing in me? There have been a few incredible ladies that have really made me feel like I can do this! And that I should. Thank you sunkissedgurl2000, Millnpolish, Souchka_nails and Akrogirl from IG.
   Cause hey, the Orcas are not going to speak up for themselves, not everyone knows that while children being married may be illegal in most places around the world, it doesn't stop child brides from being a reality. There are people that have no idea that Tibet has fallen off the face of the map... Or that FGM in Sudan causes more deaths and internal damage in pregnant young women and their babies than anywhere else in the world. We all know the caste system was abolished in the 1940's but the state in which it is still observed would make Gandhi roll over in his grave. Do you Spay and Neuter your pets? All of these issues and so many more mean something to me and hopefully to you too!
   I want my outreach and education to be just as potent as the allure of my Custom Crafted Cosmetics. I don't want to preach or be morose but I would love to be a conscientious shopper and I hope my Colorists feel the same!
    By Purchasing from us, 25% of your purchase price goes to the organization that is being highlighted for that collections cause. You will also receive an email (Gotta keep it paperless, right?!?), which will include the collection's main thesis statement, organization links and info about what you can do to help. I'd like to implement refer a friend bonuses later on as I will not be doing many coupons because these are charity polishes. Later on there will be non-Rebel4aCause collections that will have the option of discounts and other goodies. Maybe there will be some giveaways, our success dictates your rewards! Basically the more you help me to donate to the causes, the more I want to donate to those of you that are helping out! Eventually it would be amazing to be able to support these causes purely on the profits from the regular collections so that 100% of the proceeds can go to making a difference!   Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think about any of it! My prose, grammar, causes, and any charities that are near and dear to you as well as any suggestions that you may have for cosmetics you'd like to see, I do not see why we can't make some "Custom Colors"!!!
Thank you all so much!


  1. I am so very excited for you! Can't wait to see al the beautiful things you come up with, and for such amazing reasons! You have such a beautiful heart!

  2. You rock! Thank you for being you!!! ;)

  3. Aww. Great people bring out the best in me. ;)